et ultramarathon fra Athen til Glasgow, for at hjælpe med at øge bevidstheden om klimaændringer

A 2,421 km run for the climate (climate change)

the UN Climate Conference takes place in Glasgow on November 1

Actor Agis Emmanouil has embarked on an ultra-marathon from Athens to Glasgow, to help raise awareness for climate change

ultra-marathon: Athens to Glasgow, to raise awareness for climate change

ultra-marathon from Athens to Glasgow, to help raise awareness for climate change

The latest wildfires of unprecedented intensity and volume have revealed the ugly face of climate change. In these challenging times for Greece and our planet, one man has decided to contribute in his own unique way. Actor, marathon-runner and activist, Agis Emmanouil has embarked on a 2,421km ultramarathon to help raise awareness for climate change and its devastating effects.

Starting Wednesday from Athens, Emmanouil’s finish line will be the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow on November 1. The most significant environmental conference since the historic Paris Conference will bring together the leaders of the nations that will decide on the future of the planet. In addition, thousands of institutions, organizations, and citizens from all around the world will be there as well, demanding a better future for all.

Starting his journey from Pnyx hill in central Athens, Emmanouil will pass through 60 cities, including cities in Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

The support of the whole world, wherever I pass through, will give life and strength to this initiative so it can have a global impact” he said.


If you want to learn more and support the effort:

2421 kilometers is a lot to run without your support. Take me to the starting point I will take you to the finish line

Support Agis Emmanouil to become a climate champ!

Agis Emmanouil does his best to contribute to the fight to save our planet from the climate crisis. This is a values-driven race to stop climate change og halt the destruction of biodiversity.

Agis prepares to run 2,421+ kilometers from Athens, Greece, to Glasgow, ahead of the 26th UN Conference on Climate Change (COP26). His message to the world’s politicians is vital for life on Earth: our planet urgently needs #ClimateAction now!

An accomplished ultra marathon-runner and talented theater actor, Agis is set to start his climate run from Athens on August 11th and will eventually arrive in Glasgow at the start of the COP26. His milestone stops will include Patras, Venice, Milan, Lyon, Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam, Leeds, Manchester, and Liverpool.

Be part of the 2421 Climate Run!


The Athena-Glasgow is an action with the main axis of an ultramarathon. It aims to raise public awareness of the critical issue of climate change and to activate them in order to create the best possible perspective for future generations.

A modern Pheidippides will start from Ancient Pnyx next August. Within 80 days it will cross 7 countries running a total of 2421km, to reach Glasgow on November 1st. This is where the 26th Climate Change Conference will take place.

I am Agis Emmanouil, an activist actor with a career in Greece and abroad and a ultramarathon runner.
I consider it my duty to do more than just be a sensitized, aware and active citizen in the small context in which I move.
To achieve my goal I will need a small crew that will breathe at my pace and coordinate with my nervous system during these 80 days.
The action Athena - Glasgow can not start without your subscription and will not be able to complete without your positive energy which will be a super promotional force that will make me swallow each of the 2421 kilometers

Take me to the starting point and I will take you to the finish line

The UN Climate Conference takes place in Glasgow on November 1


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