Cretan Olive Oil Tasting Experiences at Eco Resort MOURTZANAKIS - Achlada Heraklion CRETE

Authentic, fun, educational experience on the art of tasting and appreciating the Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A unique & authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting experience on the island of Crete Greece. Learn everything about Cretan Olive Oil - become an Olive Oil sommelier for a day!

Cretan Diet and Recipes: Cretan Olive Oil, Greece
Panoramic views of Mourtzanakis ecotourism hotel in Crete
olive trees in the garden of our eco friendly hotel Mourtzanakis ecotourism resort - Crete
Οικοτουρισμός Κρήτη Ελλάδα - συγκομιδή ελαιολάδου
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