Family Studios - Eco hotel accommodation on Crete

March 15, 2021

Traditional Eco Hotel - Mourtzanakis Residence

ECOTOURISM holiday Accommodation on CRETE GRECE

for couples or families

Our hotel has been present for over 12 years

Price per Night

€ 70
€ 50
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Welcome Drink

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Car Rental

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Resort & Spa

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Free Wi-Fi

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Crete ecotourism holidays: eco-friendly cottages villas


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Contact Info

Eco tourism Hotel - Mourtzanakis Residence: an Eco friendly hotel in Achlada, Agia Pelagia area, island of Crete, Greece


71414, Achlada,
Agia Pelagia, HERAKLION,
Crete, Greece


Check-In Time: 9:00 AM - 23:00 PM
Check-Out Time: 8:00: AM - 12:00 AM
* contact us for out of hours check-in
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